Our Story

For over 50 years, the Italian company has been the local leader in the production of potato
and onion harvesters, and is now expanding into the foreign market.

From a small workshop to an important reality:
this is the evolution over time of the company CARLOTTI GC Macchine Agricole.

Our Path


The first potato digger is designed and created by the founder of the company, Giulio Carlotti: the model is called RAPID 1.


Potato and onion harvesting techniques continue to evolve. As farmers’ needs increase, a more advanced mechanisation is required: the first semi-automatic potato harvesters is built, making CARLOTTI known throughout Italy.


Giulio Carlotti moves his activity to an industrial plant: he starts exporting his products all over Europe.


At the end of the 1990s, CARLOTTI is taken over by Giampaolo and Claudio, Giulio’s son and grandson. The first potato harvesters of the SPRING series are born during this period.


In 2007 the series is further developed with the introduction of the highly efficient SPRING 750/35 harvesting machine.


During its years of activity, CARLOTTI GC has specialised in the production of machinery for small and medium-sized farms, a process carried out with the utmost attention to safeguarding the integrity of the product.

Our Values

The strength of our company lies in the continuous improvement of simple, non-aggressive and reliable mechanisation. In fact, Carlotti machines have always been synonymous with competence and quality: our aim is to respect the quality of the fresh product, while maintaining high productivity. Listening to the needs of farmers is the constant drive for the adaptation of our products to the different market demands.







Where we operate

Today our constantly evolving network covers not only the entire Italian territory, but also several European (France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta,Croatia) and extra-European countries, such as Tunisia, Morocco, Canada, Australia and India.