Green 1000/6L

The GREEN 1000 / 6L potato digger-harvester has a modern design and a small size but large work spaces. It is a machine that offers quality performance. This model has the same features as the GREEN 650 / 5L. In addition, the machine may be equipped with a front unit for onions harvesting.

  • Size: (m) 6,30 – 2,31 – 2,14 (l-w-h)
  • Weight: 1600 kg
  • Bin capacity: 600 Kg
  • Transmission: Electro-hydraulic, with pumps connected to the tractor
  • Collector belt: Straight bars with vanes- Width 100 cm
  • Sorting belt: Width 147 cm
  • Production capacity: 0,3 – 0,7 Ha/day
  • Platform: 2+2 persons
  • Optional extras: Onion collection unit; Equipment for bags; Frame for shade; Platform for crates; Type approval

Moreover, the machine can be equipped with an on-board collection device.

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