KMC 650

The potato digger 1 row KMC 650, borns from the idea of combining essential features for the simple and delicate excavation of tubercles. The lightness and sturdiness of this model make it particularly suitable for small tractors with lots of work to do. Moreover, the modularity of this machine facilitates the replacement of the worn parts and allows it to be supplied in different mounting kits, making storage easier and containing the transport costs. The KMC 650 series machine has a working width of 650 mm and is capable of digging a row of potatoes.

Le caratteristiche che permettono di scavare il prodotto e depositarlo sul terreno con la massima delicatezza sono

  • Size: (m) 1,90 – 0,75 – 0,90 (l-w-h)
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Transmission: Through cardan shaft and gear unit
  • Digging unit: 1 ploughshare bar with 3 steel blades
  • Collector belt: width 63 cm
  • Transversal belt (optional not included): width 35 cm
  • Product unloading: In-line, on the ground in a central windrow or lateral with transversal belt
  • Production capacity: 0,5 – 1 Ha/day
  • Optional extras: Shakers and cardan shaft

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