The ZMC Onion Digger series is designed and manufactured by Carlotti G. &. C. with the aim of digging several rows of onions and unloading the product back to the ground, in a central windrow. The ZMC is to be connected to the three-point hitch of the tractor and does not require operators, but only the tractor driver. Due to its characteristics, this agricultural machine can be used to dig both soft and mature products. The SPRING and GREEN series models, equipped with optional equipment, can be used as onions harvesters.

Our Products

At the customer’s request, the ZMC machine ca be equipped with the following accessories

  • Square or Hexagonal digging shaft
  • Lawn Mowing Disks
  • Small ploughshares to help stabilize the machine
  • Tyres
  • Rubber shakers
  • Extra conveyor belt
  • Cardan shaft

The ZMC series manufactured and proposed by Carlotti G. & C. are :

  • ZMC 1300 onion digger
  • ZMC 1450 onion digger
  • ZMC 1600 onion digger
  • ZMC 1800 onion digger

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