Spring 750/35

Due to its large separation surfaces and the high capacity of the hopper, the SPRING 750/35 model is suitable for a harvest of 1 to 3 ha of potatoes per day.

With SPRING 750/35 Carlotti G. & C wanted to increase productivity while maintaining the full respect of the tubers. This machine retains all features of the SPRING series, it is not aggressive with soil, and much less on tubers. Separation and sorting surfaces (total 9.2 square meters) have been increased and given the possibility to increase the separation of each site, differentiating the rotation speeds of the belts independently. The crop is brought from the collector belt to the hedgehog belt, where two rollers rotate in the opposite direction, lift the tubers gently and move them to the sorting belt. Meanwhile, the soil filters below them to be discharged and / or sent along with the lower-diameter tubers on the sorting belt, where a further choice is made.

  • Belts by EA Broekema
  • Idraulic motors by Danfoss
  • Size: (m) 8,33 – 2,86 – 2,83 (l-w-h)
  • Weight: 4400 kg
  • Hopper capacity: 3500 Kg
  • Transmission: Electro-hydraulic, with pumps connected to the tractor
  • Collector belt: Straight and folded bars – Width 74 cm
  • Hedgehog belt: Width cm 69
  • Defoliator belt: Consists of 5 belts – Width cm 74
  • Sorting belt: Width cm 70
  • Production capacity: 1,5 – 3 Ha/day
  • Platform: 6/8 persons
  • Optional extras: Onion collection unit; Shade canvas; Belt for undersize product recovery; Video control system; Hooks for big bags; Type approval

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