Automatic potato planter: manufactured for the needs of medium and large companies, it allows high quality sowing and in very short time. The structure of the robust frame allows the use even in rough terrains without damaging the machine itself. The sowing element with descent chute can also sow in medium slope hills.
A series of interchangeable sprockets determine the distance between the seeds; the two seed descent chutes are secured with screws to the chassis so that you can determine the distance between the rows. In the containment hopper of about 400 Kg, the seed is poured and automatically the cups applied to the belts charge and deposit it on the ground, while the rear (adjustable) discs will cover it. The machine is suitable for sowing different sizes of calibrated seed: ideal for calibrated potatoes mm 28/35 – 35/45 – 45/55.


The machine sows potatoes and other tubers or whole or cut bulbs. Automatic potato planter with fixed hopper: the sowing element with descent chute can also sow in medium slope hills.

The S211-EX model, designed and manufactured by Carlotti G. & C., is a 2-row potato plater with a production capacity of around 0.4 Ha / h. The machine is equipped with ridging discs for proper potato placement in the soil. It is attached to the three-point hitch of the tractor with wheel-based transmission. The seeds are transported from the hopper to the cups that place them on the ground. In addition, the adjustable rear discs will cover the seed with the soil. The distance between the rows can be adjusted from 700 mm to 900 mm, while the one between the seeds from 15 cm to 45 cm.

At the request of customers, the Carlotti G. & C. potato planter can also be provided with electric manure spreader and electric microgranulator.

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