The potato digger is an agricultural machine driven by the tractor or connected to the three-point linkage. It is used to dig the potatoes from the ground in order to collect them. It is made up of a chassis that mounts two lawn mowing discs, a ploughshare with vibrating device (shakers) to extract tubers, a conveyor belt or rollers for transporting tubers and a sieve for soil removal. The tubers extracted and cleaned from the ground are then deposited in one or two rows on the surface of the field from where they are collected by a second passage. Harvesting is carried out through a collector with rollers, which raise the tubers from the ground: a conveyor belt receives them and deposits them in a container.


The KMC series potato digger produced by Carlotti G. & C. , was born from the idea of ​​combining some essential features in a single machine. They are lightness, robustness, simplicity and modularity, the qualities that distinguish this model particularly suitable for small tractors, but with a lot of work to be done.

Potato Digger Models

The KMC potato digger model has been designed and built to dig one or more potato rows at one time. The 2-raw KMC range includes KMC 1300, KMC 1450, KMC 1600 and KMC 1800, names that identify the maximum working width of mt. 1.80.

Instead, the 1-row KMC 650 is the only 1-raw of the range and is also available with the transversal belt. Once the product has been dug, it is then unloaded at the back.

The potato digger structure is modular. The modules are screwed together at different stress points to make the machine elastic and stress-resistant. Its extreme simplicity makes it easy to use; the adjustment steps and the replacement of the worn parts allow it to be supplied in assembly kits, facilitating storage and containing transport costs.

The main technical features are:

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    Attached to the 3-point linkage of the tractor, the transmission is carried out through the reducer
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    Two vertically adjustable side lawn mowing disks separate the excavation area avoiding clogging and facilitating the smoothness of the machine along the soil to dig
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    The excavation operation takes place through the ploughshare bar, which can contain 3 to 5, 7, 8, 9 steel blades depending on the working width of the machine
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    A bar conveyor belt, from the reduced inclination to prevent damage to any rolling backwards, drives the product to the back for the unloading
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    The wheels, adjustable in height, determine the height of the fall of the product.

The application of additional fixed or oscillating grids can support the unloading and further safeguard the product that is deposited on the ground. The machine must be connected to the third- point linkage of the tractor and requires no operator intervention (tractor driver only). Due to its characteristics, KMC is used to dig a tender, mature product and also for field heads.

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