SPRING 650/8

SPRING 650-8-min

The SPRING 650/8 semi-automatic single-row harvester is a unique and versatile machine designed to operate on any type of soil. Its reversible operation allows automatic harvesting on loose soils, or manual harvesting on clay or stony soils. Reversing the direction of the unloading belts is made extremely quick and easy with the use of two simple levers. The machine is also equipped with a rotating roller and a rubber spike belt for effective product cleaning. Each belt is independent and can be adjusted in speed. The machine has an oil tank that makes it independent of the tractor and a radiator for cooling. The driver has the possibility of adjusting the steering of the drawbar and wheels, as well as the lifting of the pick-up thanks to an electric panel located in the cab. At the rear is a pair of box-holder forks with external rotation and hydraulic unloading, controlled by a second electrical panel positioned on the operators' platform.

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Electro hydraulic transmission consisting of a pump unit to be connected directly to the PTO of the tractor

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Contact roller

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Rubber teat cleaning belt

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Hydraulic rotating cleaning roller with adjustable speed

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Hydraulically driven drawbar

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Pivoting hydraulic rear box holder for side unloading with electric control on board

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Sorting belts direction control:

-automatic harvest on loose soil

-manual harvest on clay soil

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Cutting grass discs with manual height adjustment (ready to fit optional motor drive)

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Adjustment valves for independent belt speed

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Working area sun protection

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Hydraulic steering with stub axles for easier handling

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Electric control panel to be placed inside the tractor cab

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Digging unit consisting of a hydraulic height-adjustable ploughshare with 3 blades



Onion harvesting kit (Foam roller)


PVC coated belt


Onion harvesting kit (Motorised spatula)


Speed adjustable motorised discs


Hydraulic belt vibrator


Empty box holder

Machine on-field overview


Naples (Italy) - Sandy conditions

Hahnbach (Germany) - Hard conditions