SPRING 650/8


The SPRING 650/8 1-row potato harvester is an extremely unique and versatile machine designed to operate on any type of soil. It's convertible functioning allows both automatic (on loose soils) and semi-automatic harvesting (on clayish or stony soils). Reversing the movement of the belts is made extremely easy by the use of two simple levers for reversing the direction. The machine is also equipped with a rotating roller and an hedgehog belt for effective product cleaning. Each belt is independent and can be adjusted in speed.



Electro hydraulic transmission consisting of a pump unit to be connected directly to the PTO of the tractor


Electric control panel to be placed inside the tractor cab


Belts direction inversion:

-automatic harvest on loose soil

-manual harvest on clay soil


Rotary hydraulic rear elevator with electric controls on board the machine, for put-of-line side unloading


Adjustment valves for independent belt speed


Hydraulic steering with stub axles for easier handling


Digging equipment consisting of:

-1 hydraulic height-adjustable ploughshare with 3 blades

-1 follower roller with manual adjustment for digging depth

-2 mower discs with manual height adjustment (ready to fit optional motor drive)

Machine overview