The SPRING ALX-RH automatic potato harvester guarantees excellent automated harvesting for small to medium sized cultivations. The machine is equipped with a product cleaning system whose process starts with the elimination of the foliage through the defoliator belt (mounted on the collector belt) and culminates with the passage of the product on hedgehog belt and rotating rollers. The 20 quintal bunker with movable bottom and the independent adjustment of each belt guarantees customisable and optimal working conditions, along with excellent performances, always respecting the integrity of the product. In fact, the use of non-aggressive harvesting systems ensures an excellent ratio between crop quality and machine price. The model represents a more compact alternative to its sister model SPRING 750/35.



Electro hydraulic transmission consisting of a pump unit to be connected to the PTO of the tractor


Defoliator belt


Electric control panel to be placed inside the tractor cab


Digging equipment consisting of:

-1 hydraulic height-adjustable ploughshare with 3 blades

-1 follower roller with manual adjustment for digging depth

-2 mower discs with manual height adjustment (ready to fit optional motor drive)


Adjustment valves for independent belt speed


Hydraulic steering with stub axles for easier handling


Storage bunker for the harvested product with hydraulic opening and lifting, extractor roller belt to allow product unloading at max. height of approx. 2,9 m