Spring ALX-RH

SPRING ALX-RH potato digger-harvester (for medium / small surfaces) allows you to take every care to perform a gentle collection.

The work done by these 1 row machines , with hopper with unloading belt, is impeccable thanks to a continuous rise of the tubers on the hedgehog belt (allowing the tubers along the run not to skip) and the separation of the soil using non-aggressive systems. Independent belt adjustment allows you to achieve excellent results on a soft product and in any type of soil. These features make the SPRING series the most suitable machinization on the agricultural market for the relationship between quality / productivity / purchase price/ maintenance. In particular, the SPRING ALX-RH model allows automated and professional harvesting for small and / or middle-sized farmers.

The main technical features are:

  • Belts by EA Broekema
  • Idraulic motors by Danfoss
  • Size: (m) 6,22 – 2,54 – 2,14 (l-w-h)
  • Weight: 2800 kg
  • Hopper capacity: 2000 Kg
  • Transmission: Electro-hydraulic, with pumps connected to the tractor
  • Collector belt: Straight and folded bars – Width 74 cm
  • Hedgehog belt: Width cm 60
  • Defoliator belt: Consists of 5 belts – Width cm 74
  • Sorting belt: Width cm 60
  • Production capacity: 0,5 – 1,5 Ha/day
  • Platform: 4/5 persons
  • Optional extras: Onion collection unit; Shade canvas; Hooks for big bags; Type approval

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