ZMC 1450 – 1600 – 1800


The ZMC onion digging series allows the digging of the most common onion seeding setups. Two steel slides convey the product into a central windrow to facilitate its subsequent harvesting. The rotating digging shaft, combined with the action of a feeding spatula with rubber paddles, gently transfers the product to the pick-up belt. A rear levelling roller recompacts the soil on which the harvested product is deposited. The digging shaft is available in three shapes: hexagonal (standard), square or round. The choice ofthe right model varies according to the width of the bed.

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Three-point coupling for tractor

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Rear unloading in line with transfer chute

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Rotating shaft with feed spatula and rubber paddles to gently transfer the product to the collection belt

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Cardan shaft

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Hexagonal rotating digging shaft

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Rear levelling roller to recompact the soil on which the harvested product is deposited

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Side ploughs at the front to ensure stable depth of the machine in the soil



Round digging shaft


Square digging shaft


Grass cutting discs

Machine overview