ZMC 1800 Onion Digger

Working width: mt. 1.80.
The model has easy handling and stability on the ground thanks to two small ploughshares in front of the pick-up. In addition, the correct linkage to the tractor allows to weigh the smoothing roller so that it can make an ideal bedding. The round digging shaft allows a simple and gentle digging and a conveyor belt with 2 shakers separate the product from the soil.

  • Size: (m) 2,50 – 2,10 – 1,40 (l-w-h)
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Transmission: Through cardan shaft and gear unit
  • Digging unit: 1 Round digging shaft
  • Collector belt: width 1800 mm
  • Product unloading: In-line, on the ground in a central windrow
  • Production capacity: 1,5 – 3 Ha/day
  • Optional extras: Square or hexagonal digging shaft ; Pair of triangular shakers; Pair of Ø 380 mm lawn mowing disks; Pair of Ø 480 mm tyres; Cardan shaft ; Extra conveyor belt

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