GREEN 550/4

The GREEN 550/4 potato digger/harvester is the perfect model for those new to semi-automatic harvesting. Perfect for allotments from 0.5 to 1.5 hectares, it stands out for its price and versatility of use. Its extremely compact dimensions and low weight allow it to be used in semi-mounted mode, lifting the machine at the end of the row to facilitate manoeuvring (minimum 80hp tractor). It is also equipped with a hydraulic drawbar for towing and a three-point hitch. Its use is simple and effective: once the product has been extracted from the ground, it is transported from the collecting belt to the selection belt, where it is manually selected by the operators and placed in the side channels. The product is then unloaded (in-line) into bins, bags or boxes.

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Three-point hitch for tractors

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Manually height-adjustable grass cutting discs

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Rear platform for small boxes

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Hydraulically driven drawbar

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Side channels for manually selected product with rear discharge chutes

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Possibility of working in semi-mounted mode (minimum tractor power 80 hp)

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Control valves designed to allow independent belt speeds

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Contact roller

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Working area sun protection

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Fixed rear forks for unloading bins in line

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Digging unit consisting of 1 hydraulic height-adjustable ploughshare with 3 blades



Speed adjustable motorized discs


Seats for operators


PVC coated belt


Onion harvesting kit (Foam roller)


Upper PVC unloading belt


Onion harvesting kit (Motorised spatula)


Hydraulic belt vibrator

Machine overview