Entry-level single-row harvester built for small-sized farmers. The low angle of the harvesting belt prevents the product from rolling, making it suitable for harvesting soft products such as early potatoes or sweet potatoes. The machine is equipped with a pick-up belt with straight bars and rubber paddles, single blade with gaps for soil unloading, side support wheels, box holding forks and a PVC top discharge belt. It is also equipped with seats adjustable in height, inclination and distance to the sorting belt, in order to work comfortably while seated. The belts can be hydraulically adjusted in speed to adapt the pace to the soil characteristics. A pump unit must be simply connected to the tractor's PTO to operate the machine. The 25 L oil tank makes the system independent of the tractor. Finally, the machine comes with a frame and cover for protection from the sun. The machine can be connected to the tractor's two-point system, but can optionally be semi-mounted via the third point hitch or equipped with a hydraulic drawbar (2 quick connections required).

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Suitable for:

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American sweet potatoes

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Working area sun protection frame

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25 L Oil tank

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Tractor-independent system consisting of pump unit to be connected to the PTO

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Digging unit consisting of a single blade with stone unloading gaps

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Fixed rear forks for in-line box unloading (Unloading takes place by gravity, raising the front of the machine via the tractor’s lift bar)

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Cutting grass discs with manual height adjustment

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Seats for operators adjustable in height, incline and distance to the sorting belt

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Upper PVC unloading belt

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Belt speed adjustment

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Gravity-opening traps-equipped belt for stone dumping



Onion harvesting kit (Foam roller)


Third point hitch


Hydraulic drawbar to work off-centre from the tractor (2 quick couplings needed)


Speed adjustable motorised discs ( 2 quick couplings needed)