SPRING 750/35


The SPRING 750/35 automatic potato digger/harvester is is the flagship of our company. However, the fully automatic nature of the machine does not compromise the delicacy of the harvesting process. The machine is equipped with a defoliator belt that runs parallel to the collection belt, trapping the foliage. The product then moves to the heghehog belt to be separated from the clods of soil and further cleaned by means of two rotating rollers with adjustable height and speed. The product is then directed onto the sorting belt. A platform on each side allows operators to manually discard unwanted product, placing it on a discarding belt that can also be used to recover undersized product. The 35 quintal hydraulic bunker allows lifting to unload directly onto trucks or trailers, and is equipped with a hydraulic shutter belt for easy product unloading.



Electro hydraulic transmission consisting of a pump unit to be connected to the PTO of the tractor


Defoliator belt


Electric control panel to be placed inside the tractor cab


Storage bunker for the harvested product with hydraulic opening and lifting, extractor roller belt to allow product unloading at max. height of approx. 3,65 m


Adjustment valves for independent belt speed


Hydraulic steering with stub axles for easier handling


Digging equipment consisting of:

-1 hydraulic height-adjustable ploughshare with 3 blades

-1 follower roller with manual adjustment for digging depth

-2 mower discs with manual height adjustment (ready to fit optional motor drive)