GREEN 1450-3M

1450 3m

The GREEN 1450-3M adds key features to the standard model (GREEN 1450/XL), resulting in incredibidle versatility. The design has been rethought, the desing renewed and the handling of hydraulic connections improved. This equipment includes two side channels with interchangeable rear unloading chutes and a pair of additional hydraulic box holders; depending on the characteristics both the soil and product, the modular rear part can be easily modified into different working set ups.

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Suitable for:

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Sweet potato

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Jerusalem artichoke

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Different configurations

Standard equipment

Complete SP range


GREEN 650/5 SP


GREEN 1000/6 SP


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Electro-hydraulic transmission consisting of a pump unit to be connected directly to the tractor PTO

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Contact roller

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PVC closed top belt for delicate transportation of the selected product

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Electric control panel to be placed inside the tractor cab

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Sun protection structure

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Potato digging unit consisting of a single-blade ploughshare bar, hydraulically adjustable in height.

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Rear hydraulic forks with electric control on board the machine, with rotation system for the filling of bins optimized and ground unloading in line

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Motorised cutting grass discs with adjustable speed and manual height adjustment

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Control valves designed to allow for independent belt speeds

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Pair of side forklifts with in-line hydraulic unloading, manually foldable

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Side channels for manually selected product with rear discharge chutes

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Hydraulically driven drawbar

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Hydraulically steered semi-axles to increase manoeuvrability



Onion harvesting kit (Foam roller)


PVC coated belt


Onion harvesting kit (Motorised spatula)


Hydraulic belt vibrator

Machine presentation


Ohlungen, France – Loose soil

Durrenentzen, France – Medium soil with stones